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Our customers and their projects are unique, and the BWORXX team will meet the challenge to deliver integrated, innovative and cost-effective solutions for your project— solutions that Work Better.

You have an idea, but not sure how to proceed? You need someone to help you define your vision; someone who can assemble a total team of designers/architects, engineers and supplier/trade contractors? BuildWorks will manage the entire process; done right, on time, and on budget.

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MegaDome® pre-engineered fabric covered structures – are made in Canada; designed to perform and built to last.  It is an affordable turnkey building solution that is practical and efficient for multiple applications. MegaDomes are CSA A660 certified, and offer a 15-year factory warranty.

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AirFloor® is most practical and cost effective method to simultaneously deliver air to compost and to drain away surface leachates. It is easily installed in a concrete compost floor—new or existing— allowing even the heaviest equipment to operate on compost pad. Produce better compost, faster.

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AlleyDrain is an innovative, yet simple method to reduce the volume of waste-water in dairy-farm cow or scrape alleys, and goat-farm milking parlors. Cleaner and dryer hooves promote animal health and reduces veterinary costs.

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Barn Raising – The MegaDome Way

September 2nd, 2015

ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA—One Day to erect MegaDome for Composting Working Hall

Avina-Delfresh, a long established mushroom farm in Abbotsford BC, is constructing a new mushroom composting facility to supply quality substrate for its . . .

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